Saturday 19 December 2015

The Metaphorical Boat's Top Songs of 2015 - 10-6

We now plunge straight into the top 10, with the songs that landed our 10-6 spots, plus a little bit about why exactly they float The Metaphorical Boat

10. The SchoolAll I Want From You Is Everything

Welsh collective The School made one of the most sumptuous indie-pop songs of the year with "All I Want From You Is Everything", a pure slice of uncynical, jangly pop goodness.
9. Courtney Barnett - Pedestrian At Best

"Pedestrian At Best" is a song that shows Courtney Barnett at her most self-depreciational, with her stream-of-consciousness yet smart and snarling lyrics really hitting the mark. It's somewhat ironic that a song about not being as good as other people believe you to be features as one of our favourite songs of the year, but when you're faced with such an irresistible rock monster like this, you can only really react to it one way, with adoration.
8. Public Service Broadcasting    Go!

"Go!" was the standout track from PSB's wonderful sophomore album. The song is built around samples taken from the NASA control room during Apollo 11's successful attempt to reach the moon. The repeated exultations of "Go!" transform from merely perfunctory to triumphant as the song builds and progresses towards one of mankind's greatest achievements. 
7. Silences - The Sea

With the release of "The Sea", 2015 became the year that Silences went from merely one of Northern Ireland's most promising young bands to becoming one that should be on the verge of a national breakthrough. The song is a wonderful example of 'emotional indie' in the style of Kodaline, with the song building up slowly into a satisfying and powerful denouement.

6. Suede -  Outsiders

A new single from the greatest band of all-time is always going to feature highly on our countdowns, and "Outsiders" is no exception. It pulls of the trick that has given us the post satisfying post-reunion Suede songs, in that it recognisably a Suede song, yet is not one that relies purely on the sounds of their heyday. With a new album and feature film planned for next year, don't be surprised if they feature highly on next year's lists as well.

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