Saturday 28 November 2015

Ten Fé - In The Air

Back in August, we founds ourselves instantly captivated by "Make Me Better" by London duo Ten Fé, a song that had us convinced that we were definitely on to a good thing with these guys. In the intervening period, I was lucky enough to catch the band live at a church in London in September (St. Pancras Old Church, Anglican), and was both overwhelmed and blown away with their psychedelic atmosphere and just how well they seemed to go down with the packed out audience. It was a stroke of genius to both start and end the set with those uplifting strings from "Make Me Better", and afterwards I was left with the impression that these guys have the potential to be the spiritual successors to Primal Scream's mantle. 

With the New Year upon us, and with it the period being the time when most blogs put on their prognostications for which artists are going to be big in 2016, it's a perfect time for Ten Fé to release a new single to keep them very much in our thoughts. If you were expecting "Make Me Better" Mk II however, you will be rather disappointed with "In The Air", but if you happen to be a fan of driving modern rock (like ourselves), then you will be very happy indeed,given that like a lot of new-ish rock from the past year, it takes its cues from The War on Drugs and Bruce Springsteen. It might not hit the giddy heights of "Make Me Better" (although to be fair, very few songs released this year have), but it is still a good reminder of why we should be expecting big things from them next year.

"In The Air" is out now.

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