Wednesday 27 November 2013

Champs - Savannah

Is there an influx of duos from the Isle of Wight making incredible music at the moment? In reality, no, there is not. But as the old maxim goes, "one is an accident, two is a trend". So after introducing Isle of Wight duo Hentai Babies a few months ago (they weren't a duo then, but are now), it's time to cast our eye on fellow islanders Champs, our justification for calling it a trend.

Champs are made up of brothers Michael & David Champion, and they make music as enjoyable as it is lovely. Their new single is "Savannah", a great little alt-folk built around an infectious piano riff and well constructed multi-tracked vocals which thankfully stay respectfully tasteful, without running into gimmicky territory as is sometimes prone to happening on tracks of this nature.

"Savannah" is taken from their debut album "Down Like Gold", which will be released on February 24th.

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