Tuesday 25 September 2012

The 1975 - Sex

Most groups seem to have a trademark sound that marks them out whenever you hear them on the radio. With Teenage Fanclub, it's the group's close harmonies. With Vampire Weekend, it's their Afro-beat rhythms and quirky lyrics and with Oasis, it's their ripping off loving homages to The Beatles.

Which brings me nicely onto Manchester based quartet The 1975. The Manchester band's main trademark, as first heard on their last single "The City", are drum beats that are so big and so deep, that seems impossible that they were created by a human. I like to imagine that the drums were forged in a factory by an intelligent robot that disobeyed its master's wishes to make dental floss and instead created a drum kit that created abnormally deep beats, before being marked for destruction and escaping, to be hunted down Blade Runner style. The kit however found its way into the hands of The 1975, who would use its compressed sound as the cornerstone for its anthemic indie-rock.

Their latest E.P, "Sex", will be released on October 19th. They play in the Oh Yeah Centre, Belfast on December 12th.

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