Friday 13 July 2012

Fold - Mr President, We're In Trouble

If the critical success of Public Service Broadcasting releases are anything to go by, then it is clear in 2012 there is still a hunger for using spoken word samples as a launch point for musical ideas.

In addition to the aforementioned PSB, another artist using samples in this way is Leeds based group Fold. Fronted by producer Seth Mowshowitz, they take a more political approach to their work, using samples as a springboard to bring about social justice, although in a way that they claim is neither preachy, pretentious, or conceited." 

Their latest single, "Mr President, We're In Trouble", features vocal samples from former U.S President Jimmy Carter, which acts as a biting inditement of over-consumerism. Even if you're not overtly political, then there's still a lot to like in this song, with the hard hitting production reminiscent of a less-polished Lemon Jelly. 

"Mr President, We're In Trouble" will be released as a 7" single on September 3rd, with 75% of the proceeds going towards charitable causes.

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  1. Helen Meissner13 July 2012 at 20:34

    I love this track, thanks for posting it. Fold has passion and principles and this track combines great music and a great message, and is more dreamy than the others I've heard. Glad he is getting some recognition - I first heard him on Tom Robinsons' Fresh on the Net forum :)