Saturday 17 March 2012

RunawayGO - Electric

Sometimes all it takes is a few simple changes before a band begins to make some significant waves. Whilst Belfast based band Runaway GO may be less than a year old, the truth is they've been around for longer than that. Up until the end of last year, the quintet traded under the name Phoenix Fire, a band that itself rose from the ashes (pun unintentional) from an earlier project, Kagura. Now with a new name, a new vision, and a couple of acclaimed singles ("Alligator" & "Delicate Man") under their belt, the group are gearing up to release the track that should thrust the band into the public consciousness.

"Electric" is a track that builds upon what made their early singles great - boy/girl vocals that switch from sweet to bitter effortlessly, aggressive yet accessible instrumentation, and haunting yet fine guitar riffs. Runaway GO surely have what it takes to make a big splash in the future. Let's hope they don't change again any time soon.

"Electric" will be released on April 6th, with a launch party for the accompanying E.P being held on 29th March in The Empire Music Hall, Belfast.

EDIT 23rd March: RunawayGO have now released the music video for "Electric." Did somebody say "guyliner"?

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