Monday 27 February 2012

Free Swim - The Smell of Pregnancy

Every now and again, I come across a song so off-kilter, so off the wall and so bizarre, that by actually admitting that I enjoy it I begin to question my own sanity. But then again, it's not often that you enter the world of Paul Coltofeanu, who records under the name of Free Swim.

"The Smell of Pregnancy", the highlight of his most recent E.P "Dennis", best examplifies the project's self-described "b***ard-pop stylings. You'll be hard pressed to find another song this year that extolls the virtues of Hornblower, Jason Statham and Vienetta ice-cream in less than five minutes, as well as containing a bizarre Viv Stanshall-esque monologue on the loneliness of going to a National Trust property.

Whilst the odd lyrical content of the song is worth celebrating on its own, what makes the song stand out is that musically speaking, it is near faultless. The song contains one of the most badass guitar riffs I've heard for a long time, as well as ending with enough funky slap bass work to make Les Claypool green with envy. Free Swim is very much a one off artist - in the sense that there isn't any other artist who could do what it does with such aplomb.

Free Swim's E.P "Dennis" is avilable as a free download.

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