Friday 9 December 2011

Wildswim - The Fallout

Listening to "The Fallout" by Oxford based quintet Wildswim, you would be hard pressed to realise that the band are still all in their teens, and even more surprised that the youngsters haven't been picked up by a record label yet. From the opening flanged kick drum, to the last symbol crash, we hear the sound of a band with a surprisingly sophisticated sound.

In terms of comparisons, the baroque stylings of Wild Beasts would be a good starting point, particularly the baritone vocals of Richard Sansom, which are quite similar to those of Tom Fleming. However, their sound also contains elements of dance production, with house keyboard riffs featuring prominently through the latter part of the song.

It's a striking introduction to the world of Wildswim, it will be interesting to hear how the band develops over the next few months.

The Fallout by WILDSWIM

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