Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Son of The Hound - Pilgrim

Time for an artist we've featured on the blog before, albeit in a different guise. Up until last year, Omagh native Michael McCullough released music under the name Meb Jon Sol, delighting us with such tunes as the shanty-riffic "Captain Of This Ship", and releasing a not entirely unappreciated album in the form of "Southpaw NiƱos" in 2014. However, for reasons which we believe sit somewhere between "musical development" and "no-one being able to spell it properly", this year he ditched the name, rebranding himself as Son of The Hound, which is a somewhat Anglicized version of his surname.

And with a new name, new music can only be a short distance behind. So comes "Pilgrim", the first song released under his new pseudonym. The song starts off with "Take Me To Church"-esque vibes, before changing tack about a minute and a half in, coming across like a mix between heartfelt folk and a soundtrack for a spaghetti Western.

"Pilgrim" is available now on all good digital musical related platforms.

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